Two More Sleeps Until Christmas Morning

Good Morning Fellow Slayers!

Two more sleeps until the grand finale of Christmas Morning!  How are you doing?  I pray that this morning finds you with a calm and clear mind and that your heart is full of joyous Christmas morning anticipation.

Wait…what if it’s not?

Your list is overflowing
Presents still to be wrapped
Drivers driving ridiculous
Children with lost minds
Things not going according to plan?

Deep breath.

A couple of last minute Slay The Christmas Chaos thoughts…

Everything is awesome. Yep.

Even if your house is a disaster and the list a mile long. Look at it all with a sense of wonder. How awesome is your life? You get to do “all this!” Gratitude is a superpower.

What is mission critical?

At this stage, all of our “want to’s” might not make the cut this year. So what? Pick 2 or 3 musts and focus on those. Your list should probably include food – food is always good 💕


With so many uncontrollables from burned meals, cranky relatives, and late, last minute packages, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking we can fix everything if we just try hard enough. Truth is…we can only control our response. And our breath. Just a few minutes of quiet, a couple of deep breaths, and a hot cup of coffee can restore your equilibrium.

All of life is ephemeral – temporary and fleeting.

Feelings, seasons, emotions, time. Don’t pass Christmas 2017 in a flurry of distracted chaos. Slow down and be present. It’ll be over before you know it.

Here’s to a very Merry 2017 Christmas!

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Donna Matthews

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