The Powerful Three

What is it about the Number 3?

Some fun trivia:

Number 3 is the number of great fortune.
It’s the first number that forms a geometrical figure – the triangle.
Three is considered the number of harmony, wisdom, and understanding.
It represents time:
Past Present Future
Birth Life Death
Beginning Middle End

And one of my favorites – The Three Thumb Rule
To escape criticism…
Do nothing
Say nothing
Be nothing
Elbert Hubbard

What does all this have to do with
slaying the chaos in our minds and homes?

The Powerful Three

It’s Saturday morning with a whole weekend ahead of you. What THREE things can you commit to getting done that move you ahead on your dreams and goals?

Years ago, I studied Agile Results, and the number one strategy was to break it, what it was, down into three timeframes:

Now, to be completely honest, I personally cannot fathom planning a year – too many variables and when looking at a month, it must be with a light touch.  Because go back to the title – Agile Results – we’ve gotta remain flexible with our calendars, but we also know that not having a plan is a plan…a plan to fail so let’s get started.

It’s still early in May… What three things would you love to REALISTICALLY accomplish in May?

Then this weekend…
Looking at your May Top 3 – could one of those items be broken down into a mini-step?

  • Be we’re all about organizing here at Slay The Chaos, let’s say one of those May items was to tackle your closet finally…and you want help.  Maybe one thing to accomplish this weekend is to call me and set an appointment 🙂
  • You might feel inclined to sort through your shoes.
  • Or perhaps, the belts are multiplying, and you hang a hook to wrangle them.

It’s like eating an elephant.
No one does this stuff in one day…it’s piece by piece.

Then on Sunday…
Pulling out your May Top 3 – What three things would you like to accomplish during the week that supports your May Top 3 – WRITE THEM DOWN.

Then each morning this week…
Reviewing your Week Top 3 – What three things would you like to accomplish during the DAY – WRITE THEM DOWN.

Fresh Beginnings

What if the day explodes and you get absolutely nothing on your list was done?  No big deal – you try again tomorrow.  It’s a fresh start EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The exercise is not a grading system.  It is not intended to beat you down with daily failures.  It is intended to keep your BIG ideas, goals, dreams in front and to help break them down into manageable pieces.  It’s also important to remember that TIME is the only resource we can’t renew.  This practice encourages you to value your time and know where it’s goingIf you don’t make time for what’s important, it doesn’t happen.

So what’s a good system to track all this?  I’m personally using a calendar this year from Tools4Wisdom.  It’s a little bulky, but I love the monthly planning area and then the areas for my top three each day.  I also believe in writing as opposed to typing my thoughts, dreams, goals.  I supplement my planning calendar with the 5-minute journal.  I like to journal 🙂 There is something meditative and affirming about writing on paper.  I’ve also used a Best Self journal in the past, which is similar, but didn’t like having to reorder each quarter.  The most important thing is to find what works for you! 

Another thing I like about these journals is the space to reflect on what went well and where improvement is needed.  Celebrate your wins; and recognize what’s getting in your way.

Time is a first-class citizen…let’s start treating her as such.

xoxo – DM

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