The Comparison Trap

Do you like people watching – ohhhh – I do! And I tend to take it one step further and imagine what their lives are about…this lady has a high powered job and is killing the billable hours. This one is struggling with the balance between her medical career and fashion choices. And then there’s this one who has three children under five, and I bet bedtime is a disastrous mess.

But here’s the catch – I don’t know these women. Like…at all. These are all stories I’ve made up in my head and based on my worldview.

But it’s not just a people-watching phenomenon – I’m also a self-professed but recovering mind reader and clairvoyant. You and I can have a conversation, and I know what you are thinking. I can also have a clear picture of your WHOLE life based on one or two social media posts. I make assumptions all the time, and then I judge myself compared to you based on those assumptions.

How incredibly crazy is that behavior?

But I’m betting I’m not alone and that maybe you can relate.


The Comparison Trap | Slay The Chaos

The Comparison Trap

Why is it that we feel like life is on a scale? That we fall on the scale somewhere between the best and the worst?

The Comparison Trap | Slay The Chaos

The comparison trap starts with the scarcity mindset. That somehow there’s only so much joy, so much success, so much “whatever”…and that we are stuck in a rat race.

Let’s break down the definition of rat race:
A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of lab rats racing through a maze to get the “cheese” much like society racing to get ahead financially. The term is commonly associated with an exhausting, repetitive lifestyle that leaves no time for relaxation or enjoyment.

Yeah…no thank you.

Let’s Get Real

Comparisons are unrealistic. Period. Unless you are with someone day in and day out, you have no idea what is going on in their lives.

Their house may look spectacular, but their heart is breaking. The kiddos are excelling, but the marriage is on the rocks. They look fantastic, but the hard worked for career is imploding.

Run YOUR Race

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Run Your Race” – and probably understand conceptually that your challenges are your challenges.

What if you decided…that just for today… that you’ll stop comparing your race with that of others.

What if you decided...that just for today... that you'll stop comparing your race with that of others. Click To Tweet

There’s a guy at my church that runs 100-mile races. That’s not a typo. ONE HUNDRED MILES. Are you kidding me? I could maybe pull off 100 sun salutations, but I don’t run at all. Does that make him a better athlete than me? Well probably 😂 but that’s not my “race” – my “race” is my yoga practice – let him put in the mileage, and I’ll work on my flow and balance.

He runs his race and I run mine. No better or worse. No comparison. We’re both doing something we love.

Home Sweet Home

This comparison trap also shows up in our homes when we start thinking about organization and productivity. Anytime you think to yourself…”I should.” you’re headed for the trap.

There’s no denying a clutter-free home would make things easier to find but your clutter-free and my clutter-free may look very different. There’s no one way to organize a room. There’s no one way to set up a paper and/or electronic system. The key is finding your “race.” What’s important to you and how you want your home to be run.

All of us have a challenge or two or three. Let’s stop thinking better or worse, I should, or that we “know” another’s life. And join me on the road to recovery from mind reading and clairvoyance. Let’s embrace OUR RACE and rock it out in 2018.

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