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Did you know there’s a Slay The Chaos Facebook page BUT even if you already follow the page, thanks to Facebook’s annoying algorithms you’re not seeing all of what we’re doing…so here’s a quick start guide.

Open the STC Facebook at

Click on Like if you’re new to the Slay The Chaos party

Click on Following > then click on See First (I promise never to spam you)

Then Click on Email Sign up so you can receive our weekly-ish newsletter 💕


Instagram can be just as annoying as Facebook, but as of today, there is not a solution. If you know of or hear of a workaround, I would love to hear about it. In the meanwhile, you can find the Slay The Chaos Instagram page at

Weekly-ish Newsletter

Let’s face it – even when you’re super organized and efficient, life gets priority and “things” aren’t always timely. The weekly-ish STC newsletter contains fun and engaging posts to help you Slay The Chaos in your mind and homes.  Sign up here