Slay The CHRISTMAS Chaos

Christmas Already?!?

Yes!  Mid-November is the best time to start thinking about the Christmas season because our minds are calm and we haven’t yet gotten caught up in the Christmas Chaos.

Slay The Christmas Chaos

Below are some of my favorite Slay the Christmas Chaos Ideas:


Right now – Mid-November – make the decision that this will be the best Christmas ever.  And when I say best I don’t mean materially, relationally, emotionally.  I mean mindfully.  I encourage you to be all in and to embrace every moment as it happens.  Stay in the now. Enjoy the season as it unfolds.

Secondly, pull out your journal and remember Christmas seasons past.  What makes you smile? What makes you cringe?  Happy memories, not so happy memories?  Knowing our patterns and behaviors can help us set the tone for this season.  Avoid the cringe-worthy behaviors – create more smiles.

Finally, BE YOU!  Want to decorate early?  Go for it. Years ago I gave up on decorating after Thanksgiving because we travel that week and I always felt behind and rushed…and then, would have to turn around and put it all back up in the attic.  Which also leads to Christmas doesn’t have to be red and green, or white and metal tones – my decorations are rustic which ties both Thanksgiving and Christmas together.  Point is – be mindful and be you.

Best YES Christmas

I think, women, in particular, feel a pressure to create a magical time of year for their families – but how magical is a crazy woman trying to do IT all and not one bit focused on the ones she’s going all the work for…let go of should and figure out your Best “Christmas” Yes. 

Give yourself the gift of NO.  You don’t have to attend every party and give every 2nd cousin twice removed a gift.  Figure out your motives (see mindfulness above) – if your motive is “because I have to”, “it’s expected”, or “I’ve gotta keep up”,  I’d encourage you to check yourself.

Be friends with that B word – Budget. It’s no fun in January coming down from the rush of the holidays and facing a mountain of bills…and stuff that you have nowhere to store.

Slay The Christmas Chaos - Less To Do

Minimize to Maximize

Decide if your decorations need some…ahem…de-cluttering.  How many boxes of Christmas decorations do you have in the attic?  Do you still love them all?  Is all that “stuff” necessary to celebrate the Christmas season?

My favorite decorations aren’t necessary stuff…they’re the Christmas smell, music, and warm drinks:

Yankee candles come in all kinds of delightful smells – Balsam & Cedar, Christmas Cookie, Cinnamon Stick, Christmas Wreath.

I discovered Scentsicles last year and LOVE them – you hang them on your fake tree, in linen closets, your car and wherever else you can think to hide them for a fresh Christmas smell.  They come in Christmas scents like White Winter Fir, Fresh Cut Pine, and Cinnamon.

My favorite Christmas album is Michael Buble’s Christmas – but if you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify, you’ll find Christmas music galore.

I’m both a coffee and tea drinker so having something Christmas-y to drink is a simple delight.

And, by the way, cooking, baking, etc should be fun…and enjoyable.  If they aren’t your cup of tea – don’t set yourself up with the expectation.  They’re not on my list because…well…they’re not my favorites.  I’ve let them go.

And here’s the best part…

In the month of November, you’ll receive 20% off Slay The Christmas Chaos Services…we can go through your decorations, de-clutter your home to make room for those fabulous decorations, plan your season, work on a budget, etc.  You can contact me at to schedule a time.

The legal stuff – I’ll never write nor promote a product I don’t believe in…with that said, this post could contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you – these small commissions simply help me finance this blog.  Thanks for being here.

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