Why consider Professional Productivity and Organization Services?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your spaces and electronic life?  Or maybe you do not have the energy or can’t find the time to make changes?  Having a “coach” or “person” can help you navigate through all your cluttered spaces and help you bring calm to the chaos.

As a productivity and organization professional, I come into your life with a fresh perspective, new energy, AND the expertise to help you tackle projects which seem overwhelming.  Finally, I can also teach you skills to maintain your new systems and/or space.

Keeping It Real | Slay The Chaos

Productivity and Organization…many shapes and forms.

Not all relationships are created equal.  My style of productivity and organizing is very REAL LIFE.  There will not be runs to Ikea and thousands of dollars dropped.  While some supplies/apps/programs might be purchased, most productivity and organization can be accomplished with supplies on hand.

Another thing to note – those pages you see in magazines – they ARE beautiful.  But they also set a standard that’s unreasonable for most of us.  My motto is to keep it simple and along with that comes something maintainable. I’m not going to be your Quick Fix Gal – most productivity and organization is maintained by learning new habits – I am interested in a relationship with you – and walking along with you in your new adventure.

My services will help bring order, calm and control to your personal, work, and home life. Ultimately, you’ll save money, get more done in less time, and find what you need when you need it.

AND this is why we’ll have a FREE consultation – to determine our compatibility and to make an on-site evaluation where we’ll discuss your current habits, productivity/organization systems and intentions for our work together.  Learn More

Productivity and Organization Services

Below are a list of common requests, but STC is not limited to these specifics. Call or email with any request you have!

Personal Productivity - DATA Management

The general day to day DATA management of our lives including but not limited to:

  • Email management
  • To Do systems
  • Calendar and learning about the Best Yes
  • Phone setup – looking at apps and how to integrate with other life technology
  • Password management
Personal Productivity - FINANCIAL Management

The general day to day FINANCIAL management of our lives including but not limited to:

  • Online bill pay
  • Apple pay
  • Setting up and maintaining personal financial software
Home Management and Organization
Clutter begets clutter. Our homes are sometimes the places where our life clutter begins and by creating space and functionality in our daily spaces, our mind will follow.

  • Closets – big or small
  • Kitchens – includes pantries, cabinets, drawers
  • Bedrooms – tackling bedside tables, dressers, under the bed
  • Home study – paper management, office supplies, etc.
Business Services
I’ve worked in an office environment for most of my adult life and this is where I thrive. Establishing processes and workflows is my specialty.

  • Create and implement general and electronic organizational processes
  • Teach time management and workflow techniques
  • Help productivity by creating processes
Maintenance Options
Once we work together, you can expect a periodic check-in from me.  These check-ins are intended to see how you are doing with your new systems.  If we decide that a quick reset visit is in order, I’m all in.  These quick reset sessions are a good way to maintain our progress together and to help you stay on track with your intentions.

Rates and Payment
Most projects will be quoted starting at $50/hour.   I accept cash, check or credit card at the end of each session. Please note there is a 2 hour minimum (except for quick reset sessions) and Slay The Chaos requires an STC Intention to be signed before beginning a new project.