Today I want to talk about Passion…

Not that kind.

I want to talk about Passion for the things we do in our lives.

We hear it all the time – especially in the productivity line of business:
and on and on…

Real Life

Just yesterday I was trolling through Pinterest looking for quotes and ideas for this week – completely and 100% submerged in the online. And then it was time to leave for an appointment. As soon as my eyes left the screen, I lost my mojo, my resolve, my inspiration. Reading quotes and inspirational ideas is great stuff – we LOVE the idea of living into THAT quote.

But then real life.

One minute you’re reading about living passionately and then the next; you’re staring at unwashed laundry. Or you’re faced with screaming children looking for dinner. Or the bills to be paid.  Doesn’t look one bit like that quote on Pinterest, does it?


Let’s start with what PASSION is NOT – Passion is not busyness, is not running around, is not frantic or frenzied AND it’s not balanced.

PASSION is more along the idea of ATTITUDE – not so much a good attitude but more along the lines of an ALL IN attitude. It’s about BEING AWAKE – not just going through the motions.

How do we reconcile this lovely and important idea of LIVING PASSIONATELY with the day to day reality of our lives?


I’m not going pretend to know ALL the answers – this is something that:
(1) I’m still trying to define on a personal level
(2) We don’t have the time or space today
(3) We aren’t going to find the answers in an article – passionate living takes a lifetime to learn and put into practice.

But I do believe we can start TODAY with our calendar and adopting an intentional mindset:

There is nothing passionate about this calendar:

Passion | Slay The Chaos

Passion | Slay The Chaos

This schedule screams frenzy. You absolutely cannot approach this calendar with an ALL IN attitude…you’ll be utterly exhausted every day. AND probably unhappy. AND with zero time for reflection and any chance to make changes.

Your day without intention:

Passion | Slay The Chaos

Here is how most of us approach our calendars and time:


Can you relate? Would you grocery shop like that? What else y’all?  Letting your kids/husband put more and more and more into the overflowing basket? Well – maybe a little but you’d finally cry “Enough!”

Again though – how to practice in real life? It’s the Best Yes y’all – it’s the Big Rocks – there is only SO MUCH we can commit to at this phase of our lives.

As much as we’d like to – we can’t change our lives all at once, so maybe this last bit can help us set up our calendars for this week.

(1) What can I let go (just this one week)
(2) What deserves my attention (just this one week)


Let’s look at the days (assumes you go somewhere to work but can be applied if you work outside of an establishment.

Morning Routines:

Morning is where the tone of your day gets started. It’s also 2 hours or so of untapped potential for personal growth. I personally spend my mornings in study, reflection, meditation, and writing. I also have the luxury of living 3.5 minutes from my workplace so yeah, you may have less time but still make it count – no phone, no social media, no text, no email. Give yourself this precious morning time.

The middle of your day:

I have a day job, but fortunately for me, it’s in a line of work that I believe in and that lights my fire. Unfortunately, as wonderful as it is, it takes 8-9 hours of my day lol. But seriously, apply our questions (1) What can I let go and (2) what deserves my attention JUST THIS WEEK, be ALL IN, stay focused, and leave work on time. * If you hate your job, we need to find you a new job. I’d be happy to help you find an area of work that lights up your soul.

Evening Routines:

The evening is where all this good philosophy falls apart in my personal journey. I have to fight daily the temptation to plop down on the couch and check-out after working all day. And in an attempt to prevent the couch flop, I tend to over schedule my evenings with good stuff – but not always great stuff. And even if great – ten great kinds of stuff is probably nine too many great kinds of stuff. You see, I suffer from ALL or NONE syndrome. So this continues to be the biggest area of focus for me – back to our questions – (1) What can I let go and (2) what deserves my attention JUST THIS WEEK.

Treat this coming week like a sprint – this isn’t something we have to live like forever – let’s just try it out for size. I’m hoping that next Sunday we’ll want to try it again 🙂

Passion | Slay The Chaos

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Always just on the other side of the screen,

Donna Matthews

Donna is a passionate soul eager to help others clear the chaos from their minds, souls, and homes with keep it simple, real life, productivity and organizational solutions.