Let’s Slay – Organization and Productivity

Why be organized?

Does organization matter?  Didn’t I just see an article about disorganization and smart people?

Having an organized life is an immense freedom.

You know
Where your important papers are…and…they’re up-to-date.
How much money you have in your bank account
Where “such-and-such” is
All your passwords
How to find a certain picture(s)

You don’t
Spend money on things you already have
Cringe when you open the closet door
Hesitate to invite friends over

But just because you spend a Saturday cleaning out your pantry doesn’t make you an organized person.  In fact, if you don’t get to the root of your patterns, your pantry will resume its pre-Saturday form in a matter of time.

Let’s break it down…

Organize: Arrange into a structured whole; order; systemize

Chaos: complete disorder and confusion

Slay: To kill violently (that’s right…we’re not messing around)

And that’s where I want to help – sure, I’ll come in and help you do those initial first steps, but my passion lies in helping you in the long-term.  Walking along with you – slaying those bad habits – and living a life of real life, keep it simple, organized bliss.

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Donna Matthews

Donna is a passionate soul eager to help others clear the chaos from their minds, souls, and homes with keep it simple, real life, productivity and organizational solutions.