Get To…

Get to Slay The Chaos

I love this picture from Life is Good

Here’s what it says to me:

I have laundry…which means:

I have

Clothes to wear – lots of them
A washing machine – and a home it goes in
My washing machine is working
Clean water to wash my clothes in…I LOVE the smell (yay for noses) of the laundry room
A laundry room to call my own
Two healthy arms to lift that basket
Two healthy legs to walk to the washer
And on and on

But also…
I have a plan for all those clean clothes – where to hang, where to store.

Rather than think about organizing as a HAVE TO…

why not change it to GET TO.

I get to have:

An orderly home – yay for homes.
Orderly finances – yay for choices because I have resources.
A great workflow – I get to turn on my computer (hello – yay mac) and know where and how my workflows.
Always up-to-date passwords
A calendar full of margin – I open my planner and not panic because of the overflow of commitments.

I get to live my life intentionally…I have choices


Those that are reading this (are reading – yay for reading) come from a place of extreme blessings.  Gratitude IS ABSOLUTELY like a superpower – it has the amazing ability to change our perspective.  Gratitude is never a matter of circumstances; gratitude is always a matter of choice and perspective.

 So today – let’s SLAY the negative thoughts – the HAVE TO attitude – and EMBRACE the GET TOs of our lives.


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Donna Matthews

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