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I can help! I love systems – I love processes –
I love a place for everything and everything a place.

Welcome to SLAY THE CHAOS. It doesn’t matter why or how you’ve landed on a productivity and organization site – maybe life has you running in circles – or maybe you just want to learn more. Regardless – welcome!

Why hire a productivity and organizer professional?

Did you even know there was such a thing? People who are naturally inclined to something assume everyone else is wired the same way. It’s simply not true. There are those of us that can look at space and automatically know how to make it work. The same goes for our electronic spaces – emails, computers, web favorites. We simply know how all the pieces best fit together and can help you do the same.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some common questions that I get asked often. If your question is not here or you would like more information, please contact me directly at donna@slaythechaos.com.

Why do I need a professional? I'm not sure I want to pay someone...
Having someone come into your life as a “coach” or “teacher” or “person” can be very life-affirming and encouraging.
Here’s what I can offer you as your productivity and organizing person:

Goal Setting: Failing to plan is planning to fail. One of our first objectives will be to set goals for the specific project as well as for afterward. My services include setting you up for success even when I’m gone.

New Habits: In addition to organizing and learning new productivity skills, you’ll learn about how mindfulness matters, how to identify and eliminate bad habits, and how living intentionally is an amazing journey.

Encouragement and (ahem) kick start if needed: Again, I want you to succeed. I will be your person – to push you when needed but to also back off and give you some space to catch your breath. While I can’t solve all of life’s problems, I can help you organize your life and develop the confidence and habits to stay organized.

Accountability: Once we start working together, you’ll have a person in your life looking after you. Not to hound you, but to encourage you to continue the good work we started. Check-ins could be a text or a quick call. Whatever it is, I’m in your corner, motivating you, and helping you stick with your goals and new habits.

What can I expect from Slay The Chaos?
There are as many reasons as there are people to seek help with productivity and/or organization. It doesn’t matter why you have decided to get organized or to improve your productivity; the question is what to do about it?
I am a productivity and organizer professional.
Education and Expertise: I have been trained to help others in the areas of productivity and organization. As a member of NAPO – National Association of Professional Organizers – a requirement of my membership is extensive continuing education. Additionally, as an avid reader and lover of knowledge, I read and study on my own the areas of productivity and organization. Finally, I am good at this stuff…and I find it fun and rewarding.

More than expected and with integrity: Once hired, I will work hard for you and be one of your best advocates. It is my desire to see you succeed and for us to have a great relationship. I will always shoot straight with you and my yes will always mean yes.

Code of Ethics: Hiring a NAPO member assures you of hiring a well educated professional. In addition to our training, we are also bound by a code of ethics. You can read those here.

A professional but not magical – I’m not a magic fairy that flies in and the chaos automatically disappears – BUT I will show you how to SLAY the CHAOS – it will take some effort but I will partner with you and give you long-term tools to keep the chaos from returning.

What is the Best Yes?
GOOD is the enemy of BEST The Best Yes is a study written by Lisa TerKeurst that deals with learning how to identify the things in our lives that are the BEST and not just GOOD. I’ve taken the same concept and have applied to my life paradigm. We have lots and lots of things coming at us every day. Let’s do this – let’s do that – let’s buy this – let’s buy that. We lead our lives in a flurry of activity and materialism and sometimes forget to stop and evaluate. Practicing the Best Yes means taking a hard look at our calendars and to do lists – am I spending my life wisely? It means looking at where our money is going – am I spending my resources wisely? Don’t let GOOD take away your BEST.

What services do you provide?
My area of expertise ranges from personal and business productivity to home management and organization. Learn more.

What about my privacy?
Your privacy is important to me. I understand that the information, records, and/or data that may be involved with my services may contain confidential and/or sensitive information. As such, before we begin working together, we’ll agree on an STC Intentions that includes a confidentiality clause.

How do we get started?
We start with a consultation
A consultation is just listening and sharing. I want to hear your story. The why and where you feel like you need help. I want to know what works for you and what frustrates you. I want to understand your desires and expectations.And then I’ll share my ideas. We can discuss the possibilities together, and this prepares us for what will take place when we start working together. Consultations are FREE.

How long do projects take and how much will it cost?
The price will vary depending on your specific space and/or project. I will know enough to determine how long it will take to get your systems streamlined or space(s) organized after our consultation. What is “a lot of stuff” to one person, is only “some” stuff to another. Then there are the data projects – it all depends on the level of existing challenges and where we want to go.That’s what makes the consultations so awesome – clear expectations and no surprises. Another thing to note. I am interested in empowering you to maintain the work we do – I want you to be successful – sometimes that takes a little longer.

Physical Work Days are generally scheduled as 4 hours at $50/hour, with a 2-hour minimum. If a project is scheduled to take over 4 hours, we may decide to break it up into more work sessions.

Data Work Days depend on the project and the client. Since they require brain power and real changes in habits, they tend to be a bit more overwhelming at times. We may decide to work together for 2-4 hours over two days or over two weeks. I am flexible.Please note there is a 2-hour minimum and Slay The Chaos requires an STC Intentions to be signed before beginning a new project.

Do I have to buy anything new?
Most of the time, we’ll use what you already have – that’s where the real-life solutions come in. You’d be surprised at what you have on hand that can be repurposed. However, if you are seeking a new or certain look or if we discover there is not enough suitable storage, we may need to purchase bins, baskets, shelving, etc. I can point you in the right direction, we can shop together, or I can do the shopping for you.

What if I need to cancel our appointment?
That’d be a real bummer! But sometimes life happens and I completely understand. If the situation is completely unavoidable and within 24 hours of our appointment – we’ll reschedule and move on. However, if a new date is not made, I will request 50% of our intended time together.

What is affiliate marketing?
Throughout this site and in the weekly-ish newsletter you’ll see references to affiliate or referral links.  These references are called disclosures and are a requirement by the FTC here in the U.S.

These references are there to inform you I have a relationship with a particular product or service and if you choose to purchase that product or service via my affiliate link, I will get a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you, but it does help me keep the STC site up and running.  Read More

What forms of payment do you take?
I accept cash, check or credit card at the end of each session.

I want to Slay The Chaos!
Then let’s get slaying – contact me to schedule a work day(s) at a time that works best for you.
Donna Matthews