Day 8 – Sunday

Good morning!

I love Sunday mornings second only to a wide open Saturday morning. I love the idea of not having to be anywhere fast. BUT, if I’m not careful, my Sunday will pour through my fingers like sand and I’ll look up and the day’s gone. While enjoyable, a lazy unproductive Sunday sets up a miserable work week.

A Sunday Well Spent | Slay The Chaos

Weekly planning doesn’t have to an arduous process – but it doesn’t take a little time and some focus.

I’m a hybrid planner. I use both an electronic and paper calendar. My main life is electronic – all my meetings, appointments, time-sensitive obligations. But my dreams, big rocks, hobbies, and the daily three tend to get recorded on my paper calendar. I also like have the paper calendar because it has motivation quotes, room to look at the month as well as my week. And this particular planner has space for 3 big things each day.

But a word of caution – don’t get caught up in the materials! A blank piece of paper will work, your journal (do you have one yet?) will work – the point is the process of taking some time to think about what you want to accomplish next week – A BRAND NEW, WIDE OPEN WEEK – whoop!

A couple of points to consider:

What’s already on the calendar? Doctor appointments, children games, family dinners, etc.

What are YOUR big rocks? Exercise, hobbies, spirituality, family, friends – those should be written down. Color coding is a nice touch.

What are THREE things you’d like to accomplish? WHEN will you do them – look at your week and commit a time.

And then my favorite – what can you purge? Sometimes the purge is as simple as an expectation. Sometimes looking at your life in this way you see that you really are living a life that supports your dreams and you start being able to say no to the MORE train.

Knock it out early and you have the rest of the day to do what you do – have a good one!

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