Day 5 – Let’s Get Practical

We’ve spent nearly a week in abstract thinking, reflection, and writing.

Let’s get practical today.

Death by a thousand papercuts…

The literal death by a thousand cuts was an execution method in which the victim was slowly dismembered (Wikipedia), and has come more popularly to mean anything that is a slow process in which a multitude of small, bad things happen which ultimately culminate in the demise of whatever was suffering the changes.

Some small things (cuts) that keep us from being productive (demise):
Not having a to-do list – having to remember steps or items.
Thinking “Oh, I’ll remember”
Not have supplies on hand to take care of simple tasks
App notifications – electronic sounds – that demanding ding
Using the last of something and then forgetting to replace

The above video is funny but totally legit. Have you ever gone to change the toilet paper only to discover there’s none in the bathroom? So you go to the linen closet only to discover there’s none there either. And by this time you’ve gotten a notification on your phone about an email you’ve waited all day for so you answer. Then you notice your Facebook notification and you check that out. Several videos later you’re on to something else. All the while there’s an empty toilet paper roll waiting for you to use the restroom next.

* Have toilet paper in each bathroom of the house. Then, have spare toilet paper in a linen closet or laundry room. Also, have something like an ongoing grocery store list or amazon app and order that stuff as soon as you see you need more. Have the tools on hand or handy so you’re not so easily distracted. We’ve all been there.

App Highlight – 1Password

Let’s move on to a more critical death by cuts – forgetting passwords. Sure, you can save your login information on most sites these days but do you really want to save your banking information? What about medical records?  And what about when you get a new computer or heaven forbid your computer crashes…then what. And while I love all things Apple – I personally can’t stand the keychain.

Enter 1Password (affiliate) – hands down one of my favorite apps. A word, however, it is a paid app but well worth the $2.99 or $4.99 per month cost (depending on your level).

** By the way, a lot of productivity apps are moving to a monthly subscription basis. This is actually good news in that you know the app has a greater chance of continued maintenance versus an app purchased 5 years ago with no additional income stream.

Like most programs/apps out there, you can set up 1Password to be a basic password manager or scale it to meet your individual needs.

*** Besides remembering ALL MY PASSWORDS, both my husband and I have access to the same database so there’s never a frustrated phone call trying to get something reset. Been there, done that.

And as always, I’m here if you want more information, additional advice, or help setting up the app for your situation.

See ya tomorrow.

Donna Matthews | Slay The Chaos

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