Day 3 – The Big Rocks

Big Rocks

There’s a well-known parable out there about big rocks…I’m sure you’re familiar. The big rocks represent the big things in your life. Then the pebbles are the smaller things while the sand is the minutiae. If you load up a jar with the pebbles and sand you’ll never be able to fit in the big rocks. But here’s the thing with big rocks. They tend to be heavy.

Evan, Kyle, and the HEAVY garden rock
Big Rocks | Slay The Chaos

The big hard things in our life are the things we tend to avoid, procrastinate, or take for granted that they’ll be there later.

How many times has work replaced family?
The *consistent* workout you keep meaning to do but never get around to
The class you want to take but are too busy with life sucking minutiae
Saving money for that trip of a lifetime. For me it’s Kilimanjaro!

So what does all this have to do with productivity?

Productivity is as much working on the right things as well as getting stuff done. Not gonna do us much good to be productive on the wrong things.

Productivity is getting work done on time so you can be home with family.

Productivity is making health a priority with fitness and diet.

Productivity is cutting out the minutiae so you have margin in your calendar to take that class, hang out with a friend, read the book, take the trip.

Productivity is having personal systems in place that make saving money (or at the very least, not waste) a given.

Productivity is moving your big rocks from a wish to a reality.

But here’s another about the big rocks – they change on us. And that’s why journaling and reflection are so helpful. Taking the time to re-evaluate how we are spending our time and what we aren’t doing as a consequence.

So day 3 homework is to take a highlighter and evaluate your three lists – what are your big rocks? Go ahead and add to the lists if you forgot a rock in the first go around.

And for extra credit – reflect on some pebbles and sand that you’ve given big rock status to…what makes those small things attractive to you? Try to reflect without judgment – this list will never be seen by anyone else. We’re after information only…not good or bad behavior.

See ya tomorrow.

Donna Matthews | Slay The Chaos

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