Day 28 – Beautiful Baskets

Good morning Saturday!

What are your plans for today? Like many Americans with traditional 9-5 M-F jobs, it probably includes some laundry and housekeeping 🙄 – necessary evils of modern day life. But it doesn’t have to be as onerous as we make it out to be as we often do. 

Here are my top seven hacks:

(1) Keep it simple – perfect is the enemy of done.

(2) Find your gratitude. You GET TO clean house (means you have a home to clean).

(3) Keep supplies needed in each room. Want to knock out the master bathroom real quick? Open the linen closet and there the supplies are. Same with guest bath (ahem…unexpected guests).

(4) Baskets! Baskets keep similar supplies wrangled. They also make closets look beautiful and hide the fact (ahem) that I can’t fold fitted sheets. See #1

(5) Keep it beautiful – my laundry room is painted a fun turquoise, has a zebra art piece, and a red door. It’s a small pleasure to work in there.

Beautiful Baskets | Slay The Chaos

(6) Just do it. Knock it out. There is a great sense of pleasure to have all your chores done.

(7) A place for everything and everything a place. During the week mind your clutter…put stuff back where it belongs and come Saturday your work will be minimum.

See ya tomorrow.

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