Day 27 – Part 2 Ahead…Not Better

A couple of years ago I opened a closet and had had enough…it was a closet primarily in the care of my two boys…and over the years had become a catch-all. Additionally, being in the care of the boys, there wasn’t much love – towels were thrown in, blankets pushed up into the top, and arts and crafts supplies amazingly procreated on their own.

Ahead...Not Better | Slay The Chaos

Why share all this? Because – even organized people have messy closets. Productive people have overfilling email boxes from time to time. Your focus might be on amazing food. My focus is writing a book. Your focus may be raising littles. My focus is decluttering and minimizing my empty nest. People are just ahead…or on different projects…not better.

Comparison is the thief of joy,

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