Day 23 – The Truth

The Experts Say…

I follow all kinds of “experts”…there’s the productivity gurus, the amazing bloggers/writers, the ones who have figured out the secret sauce and want to share it with us. Information and ideas abound. One of these guys is Nick Stephenson and his newsletter is titled “Your First 10,000 Readers” – and when his newsletter landed in my inbox with the subject line “Productivity Hacks Suck”, I took notice. Come on now. Are we going there?

One trick of the industry is to create headlines that grab your attention. Sometimes they’re clever and deliver and other times they are a bait and switch. His article was somewhere in the middle but it resonated and I thought I share some of my thoughts along with his point.

Bottom line – building something worthwhile takes effort. And more effort. And then some more effort.

Productivity hacks in of themselves are worthless. If you aren’t careful, you can spend your days working on the hacks and nothing worthwhile. The hacks become yet another distraction.

You must SLAY distractions for your most important goals to live.

Case in point. I am a master at to-do lists. In fact, I spent the bulk of my Sunday yesterday creating a new to-do system for myself and co-workers. And if I say so myself, it has the potential to be great. But ONLY if we do the work that’s listed.

The END GOAL wasn’t setting up the list – the list is simply a tool to identify the work to be done.  The work will be (1) making sure things we care about are on the list and (2) we do the things on the list and (3) we continue to review the things on the list and strike the things that are no longer important.

The list is the tool – we still must pick up the tool and do the work. Anybody can come up ideas – the kick-ass chaos slayers are those that take the idea to implementation.

Technology should be a tool, but if we do not keep our wits about us, it can easily become our taskmaster. As WIRED magazine co-founder Kevin Kelly has written, “Every new technology will bite back. The more powerful its gifts, the more powerfully it can be abused.”

It’s Mon-SLAY – make it happen y’all,

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