Day 18 – Pursue Past Halfway

Good morning! We are a little more past the halfway mark in our 31 days of productivity hacks.

How are you doing? Do you feel motivated? Successful? Can you see change happening or are you feeling like maybe this isn’t for you?

Paradox of the Heap

At what point do single grains of sand become a heap of sand? Not one, not three, not five but then when?

How many successes/instances of changed thinking/behavior will it take for you to say:
“I’m more productive!”
“I have better focus!”
“I’m living within my values!”
“My days are intentional!”

Against the Culture

Making change is hard. And you are trying to make a change in how you live your life – AND – you are swimming against the culture. The society we live in today does not value-focused, intentional living. We are continuously bombarded with the idea that we need more or different. That what we have isn’t good enough. That what we are doing isn’t the next new thing.

Remember the idea of the MORE TRAIN? Yeah, that train whistles throughout the night, trying to catch our attention.

Dave Ramsey, talking about money, says “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

Ramsey’s offers sage advice that can be applied to our time as well as money.  But TIME is much more valuable than our MONEY. You can always make more money, or get lucky, or have bad luck. Money is a transient resource. TIME is a non-renewable resource.

Decide today to pursue past the halfway mark – don’t try something new, fall down, and give up. Have you ever watched a baby learn to walk? They stand-up, sway for a moment and then fall down. You’d never tell that baby to just give up. Walking is too hard. You’re just not made out to walk. Of course not. You’d either let that baby try again or give her a hand up and insist she tries again. That’s you today – trying new things, giving new ideas a shot, making a change in your life. You go!

See ya tomorrow.

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