Day 16 – Mon-Slay

Good morning!

I promised you 31 days of productivity hacks and skipped out on the last two days. Frankly, it was a struggle between keeping a commitment to myself and keeping a commitment to myself. And yes, you read that right. I had to choose between staying with this challenge (commitment) and enjoying the precious moments of my life by being fully present (commitment).

My oldest child was home from college for the weekend and it was a whirlwind of events from the moment he arrived on Saturday until about 7p on Sunday night – at which point I plopped on the couch – a happy and contented tired.

I had to choose my best yes.

AND NOW… here we are on another Monday – y’all ready to Mon-Slay?

Mon-Slay | Slay The Chaos

We all have weekends that are spectacular but get us home late on Sunday…no time to even think about the upcoming week let alone strategically plan for it. But don’t just jump into the Monday. Believe me, I’m feeling the pain this morning. Weekly planning doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Grab your coffee and your schedule book. If you have your manifesto draft, outline, completion, thoughts – that’d be awesome as well.

MIT = Most Important Tasks

What are your MITs this week? I’d keep your list to your top three. Not everything can be the most important. What is/are your best yeses? Then – realistically – when will you accomplish those MITs – pencil them in your week.

The objective is not a perfect plan – the objective is to be intentional with your week.

Keep it simple y’all and see you tomorrow.

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