Day 1 – What is productivity

I Can’t Even

While I was thinking about this series and what to write the thinking went something like this:

I need to sit down and plan out the perfect flow.  I need to consider the most important things as the foundation and then consider some great middle parts and then close with an amazing bang.

That’s a lot of pressure and while noble and even a worthwhile undertaking… it’s also the fastest way to pull the blanket over my head and think “I can’t even”

BECAUSE if you get ANYTHING out of this series it is this:

If you’re anything like me you get this idea of what IT is supposed to look like when IT is done and most of the time our expectations look like something from Pinterest or the Homeless to Harvard made for tv shows. It’s simply not real life.

So what is productivity?

From the dictionary:
1 having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance
2 effective in bringing about
3 yielding results, benefits, or profits

In other words – getting stuff done.

We get stuff done ALL THE TIME. From the minute we wake up to the time we sleep – something is happening with our time. We may have children at home and are meeting their needs. We probably have a job/career and have demands on us from that, we have homes to care for, friends and family to nurture and the list goes on and on.

You are doing stuff.

I suspect, however, it’s not always the stuff you WANT to be doing. Or the stuff you THINK you should be doing. Or even the stuff you NEED to be doing.

So here’s your DAY 1 assignment. Yep – bet you didn’t count on homework 🙂

I want you to write down EVERYTHING that’s currently filling your days. Then I want you to write down what you think you should be doing that you’re currently not. And then finally, I want you to list what you wish you could do if you had more time.

Don’t skip this exercise. Put on some headphones, grab something yummy to drink, and knock it out.

See ya tomorrow.

Donna Matthews | Slay The Chaos

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