Today I want to talk about Passion…

Not that kind.

I want to talk about Passion for the things we do in our lives.

We hear it all the time – especially in the productivity line of business:
and on and on…

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Be a Master

Let’s check in with ourselves…

Bored?  Listless? Excited?  Time starved? Ready to start the week?

I’ve been them all on any given Monday.  There are those times I just want to crawl back in bed with zero desire to head out in the world and then there are the times where I simply can’t wait to get the day started.

How can one person vacillate between listlessness and excitability?  In my humble opinion, it comes down to passion and focus.  Just like we can choose to be happy regardless of our circumstances, we can also choose our focus/passion and where we spend our life force.

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Building New Habits

The iPhone celebrated 10 years on 6/29 – and while many, myself included, on occasion, bemoan the changes technology has created in our life, I am for the most part a techie junkie.  I love all that technology can do to improve our lives and make us more productive human beings.

So, in honor of the ultimate smartphone’s birthday, I want to share my favorite app right now.  It’s called Way of Life , it’s about building new habits, and it’s free. Continue reading “Building New Habits”