I’m Donna Matthews,
Founder of Slay The Chaos, LLC

Professional Organizer and Productivity Expert

I started Slay The Chaos because I’m about creating beauty from chaos. I’m passionate about helping people slay the chaos in their minds and homes with real life, keep it simple, organizing and productivity solutions.

What Slay The Chaos is all about…

My services span from personal and business productivity to home management and organization. I believe that the core solution is learning to live mindfully and intentionally. When our mind is clear and calm, we make good decisions. We do not clutter our schedules, our inboxes, our homes with things that do not matter to us. We learn to be brave and say no more often and discover our own Best Yes.

That’s all good in theory, but without application, it remains just a good idea. I love to work with people within their own systems and processes and help them streamline and/or create new ones. This can happen at both the professional or personal level. I also have the eye, passion, and desire to help you in your home. Our homes are critical in the quest for mindful living. When our homes are chaotic, our mind soon follows.

While I’m good at my job, I’m not going to be your Quick Fix Gal – most productivity and organization is maintained by learning new habits – I am, however, interested in a relationship with you – and walking along with you in your new adventure!

Donna Matthews