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It’s almost October…and that means writing for 31 days straight.

This will be the first year that Slay The Chaos participates in the challenge and I’m super excited.  I’ve landed on the title of “31 Days of Productivity Hacks” – one of my favorite things in life is a smooth process.  Most of the time it’s not anything fancy – just a system that reduces friction and allows me to focus on WHAT I’m doing as opposed to HOW or even worse – not even getting to WHAT I wanted to do because I was too busy getting into position – finding paperwork, trying to remember passwords, collecting supplies.  By the time I’m “ready,” I’ve already wasted a good amount of time and energy.  During October we’ll look at ways to reduce some of that friction.

I’ll also be writing over at my personal blog DJRanch a series titled The Crazy Things We Do…hope you tag along either here or there or both…and as always…I would love to hear your thoughts.

Slay The Chaos

Day 1 – I Can’t Even
Day 2 – Other People’s Propaganda
Day 3 – The Big Rocks
Day 4 – Why
Day 5 – Let’s Get Practical
Day 6 – The Best Yes
Day 7 – Time Travel
Day 8 – Sunday
Day 9 – Mon-Slay The Thieves
Day 10 – Mindfulness
Day 11 – What’s Your End Game?
Day 12 – Manifesto
Day 13 – Frog Soup
Days 14 and 15 – Gone Missing
Day 16 – Mon-Slay
Day 17 – You’ve Got Mail
Day 18 – Pursue Past Halfway
Day 19 – What is normal?
Day 20 – Respond
Day 21 – Ready, Set, Go
Day 22 – Don’t be an Ass
Day 23 – Truth
Day 24 – Time Boxing
Day 25 – NaNoWriMo
Day 26 – Ahead…not Better
Day 27 – Part 2 Ahead…Not Better
Day 28 – Beautiful Baskets
Day 29 – Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
Day 30 – Resources
Day 31 – 31 Days of Productivity Hacks

Donna Matthews

Donna is a passionate soul eager to help others clear the chaos from their minds, souls, and homes with keep it simple, real life, productivity and organizational solutions.

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